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Modified on
24 October 2017
PreviewThis dataset contains records of sting events and specimen samples of jellyfish (Irukandji) along the north Queensland coast from December 1998 to March 2017.
Modified on
15 May 2017
PreviewIn NW Australia a range of emergent reefs bound the western margin of the Oceanic Shoals bioregion, but with the major feature being numerous submerged shoals lying along and across the shelf edge.
Modified on
9 May 2017
PreviewThis dataset contains hillshading derived from the Digitial Elevation Model (DEM) dataset: Australian bathymetry and topography grid, June 2009 version 4 by Geoscience Australia. This dataset also contains the original DEM converted to a GeoTiff.
Modified on
4 May 2017
PreviewThe gbr100 dataset is a high-resolution bathymetry and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) covering the Great Barrier Reef, Coral Sea and neighbouring Queensland coastline.
Modified on
18 April 2017
PreviewThis layer shows a 500m resolution image of the world derived from the Blue Marble Next Generation April 2004 image (86400x43200 pixels).