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Modified on
27 November 2014
The data consists of ten minute readings of above water metrological parameters (wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, air temperature and humidity) from a Vaisala WTX520 instrument, above water light as Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) from a Li-COR Li-192 sensor and below water parameters including Salinity using a Sea-Bird SBE37 CTD and temperature via a Sea-Bird SBE39 temperature sensor. Data are from two sites, one at Madge Reef near Thursday Island (-10.595125° | 142.220572°) and one at Masig (Yorke) Island (-9.758293° | 143.397584°).
Modified on
26 November 2014
PreviewThis dataset shows a raster spatial model of the distribution and relative density of dugongs (Dugong dugong) in the northern Great Barrier Reef region based on an aggregate of 24 years (1990 - 2013) of systematic aerial surveys.

Modified on
25 November 2014
PreviewThis dataset consists of 546 records of vertebrate species across various sites in the rainforests and adjacent habitats of the Wet Tropics and the Eungella region.
Modified on
24 November 2014
PreviewThis dataset contains the catch data from seasonal gillnet and longline surveys of shark nursery areas in the Central Section of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park (2011-2014).
Modified on
4 November 2014
PreviewThis dataset shows the concentrations of the herbicide glyphosate remaining over time in a simulation flask persistence experiment conducted in 2013.