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PreviewThis dataset consists of one data file from a 10 week aquarium experiment manipulating salinity and measuring density, reproduction and growth responses of three tropical Indo-pacific seagrass species (Zostera mueller, Halodule uninervis and Halophila ovalis).
To provide a better understanding of the regional biodiversity found throughout the Kimberley, identify and characterise in finer detail the major habitat types in selected coastal areas such as Camden Sound Marine Park.
PreviewThis collection is a record of MODIS satellite imagery before, during and after severe cyclone Yasi in February 2011.
The AIMS Long-term Monitoring Program (LTMP) is designed to detect changes in reef communities at a subregional scale. In this context, a subregion encompasses inshore, mid-shelf and outer shelf reefs across the continental shelf within one band of latitude (a sector).

Reef surveys involve three approaches:

1. broadscale manta tow surveys of crown-of-thorns starfish populations and reef-wide coral cover
2. Intensive photographic surveys of stationary seafloor (benthic) organisms on fixed transects
PreviewThis dataset consists of one data file (spreadsheet) from a 2 week aquarium experiment manipulating pH (pCO2) changes and measuring photosynthetic and growth responses of three tropical seagrass species (Cymodocea serrulata, Halodule uninervis and Th
PreviewThis dataset shows the measured response of the photosystems of seagrasses to herbicides in experiments conducted in 2012-2013. The data is provided as a multi-sheet spreadsheet.

Preview64 'key' reefs in 11 sectors of the Great Barrier Reef (Cape Grenville, Princess Charlotte Bay, Cooktown/Lizard Island, Cairns, Innisfail, Townsville, Cape Upstart, Whitsunday, Pompey Complex, Swain and Capricorn Bunker) are annually surveyed for crown-of-thorns starfish u

PreviewThis dataset consists of 31 monitoring sites in the Tully-Ingham area. Sites have various levels of rainforest invasion. Each site has a vegetation strata species list and counts of each species in each strata.
PreviewAs part of the NERP TE project 2.3 temperature loggers were deployed at 15 sites across Torres Strait to measure the sea temperature. The loggers regularly measure the sea water temperature and record it in their memory.
PreviewThis dataset shows the concentrations of multiple herbicides remaining over time in a simulation flask persistence experiment conducted in 2013.