Black corals in the Freycinet Marine Park

First sighting of black corals in Australian shelf waters

Are submarine canyons ecologically linked?

Patterns of larval dispersal in the canyons of the southwest marine region.

Staying connected across the marine regions of northern Australia

An investigation into larval population connectivity between marine parks in the north and northwest networks.

Giant stingray discovered in northern Australia

A new species of giant stingray is named and described from northern Australia

Sea Country surveys in the North Marine Parks Network

A network-wide assessment of coral reef biodiversity undertaken by Reef Life Survey and local sea rangers

Hard coral connectivity

Hard corals are foundational species on coral reefs. Through the production of calcium carbonate skeletons, hard corals create the physical substrate and three-dimensional structure that supports the vast diversity of organisms that comprise coral reef ecosystems. While they build physical structures that can tower hundreds of metres above the seafloor and create oceanic barriers thousands of kilometres in length, corals are actually simple animals closely related to jellyfish.

Green turtles


Humpback whales


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