Australia's River Basins 1997 - Divisions (eAtlas, source: GA)

This dataset is derived from the Australia's River Basins 1997 (GA) dataset. It shows the 12 drainage divisions. Primary credit should be given to Geoscience Australia. This dataset was created by using ArcMap to dissolve polygons from the Australia's River Basins 1997 shapefile based on the DNAME attribute.

au_eatlas_rbasin_1997_divisions_polygon.shp (6 MB, 12polygons, Datum: AGD66): This shapefile contains the divisions from the Australia River Basins 1997 dataset. It contains one attribute: DNAME which contains one of the following division names: BULLOO-BANCANNIA, GULF OF CARPENTARIA, INDIAN OCEAN, LAKE EYRE, MURRAY-DARLING, NORTH-EAST COAST, SOUTH-EAST COAST, SOUTH-WEST COAST, SOUTH AUSTRALIAN GULF, TASMANIA, TIMOR SEA, WESTERN PLATEAU

Principal Investigator
Geoscience Australia (GA)
Point Of Contact
Lawrey, Eric, Dr Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)

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  • Attribution 3.0 Australia

Tags: BOUNDARIES | WATER Hydrology | GIS | National dataset | environmental | hydrology | mapping | catchments