NERP TE Project 9.3 Prioritising management actions for Great Barrier Reef islands (JCU)

This project will develop a cost-effective approach for prioritising management actions across Great Barrier Reef islands to maximise conservation outcomes. The approach will be broad-based and include pest control, adjustment of fire regimes, biosecurity measures and monitoring. A decision-support tool with GIS capability will help managers to identify management priorities within and between islands.The sub-region selected for this project includes 150 islands within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area from south of Mackay to Bundaberg.

Managers of the Great Barrier Reef’s (GBR) 900 islands face difficult decisions when it comes to investing in conservation management. Where should they invest limited funds to achieve the best outcomes? This project aims to address this problem by developing a decision making framework for investing cost-effectively in management actions across the GBR islands.

Principal Investigator
Pressey, Bob, Prof. Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, 0 (JCU)