Torres Strait Temperature Logger deployed site locations and retrieved data (NERP TE 2.3, AIMS)

As part of the NERP TE project 2.3 temperature loggers were deployed at 15 sites across Torres Strait to measure the sea temperature. The loggers regularly measure the sea water temperature and record it in their memory. Every year or so the loggers are swapped with new loggers and the recorded data is extracted and recorded in the AIMS Real Time Data Systems database as part of the Australia wide Sea Temperature Observing System. While these loggers do not provide real time data, they provide a vital historical record of conditions across Torres Strait allowing researchers to better understand potential temperature thresholds that might cause coral bleaching and to calibrate satellite measurements of sea temperature. At each site loggers were placed at two depths and were located close to islands or cays to facilitate easy maintenance and replacement. This dataset contains the locations of loggers that may not have been recollected from the field yet. Logger data access: The data from the retrieved data loggers can be accessed by following the link to the "Logger metadata and data tool" associated with each island. These pages can also be accessed via the interactive map showing the retrieved data. Each site on this map contains a link to the associated metadata and data access for that site. Format: 1 shapefile, 2 interactive maps. A shapefile and its interactive map showing the Torres Strait temperature data logger deployed sites. The associated data contains links to pdf files showing the data loggers and their position information. An interactive map providing access to the retrieved data from the Torres Strait temperature data loggers.

Principal Investigator
Bainbridge, Scott, Mr Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)
Point Of Contact
Bainbridge, Scott, Mr Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)

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  • Attribution 3.0 Australia

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