NERP TE Project 12.4 Governance, planning and the effective application of emerging ecosystem service markets to secure climate change adaptation and landscape resilience in Far North Queensland (JCU)

This project involved working with a range of stakeholders to identify the most effective governance systems for managing climate change adaptation in the Wet Tropics through the emergence of new ecosystem service markets, including Carbon Farming. The project will directly contribute to: Regional climate change adaptation policies and planning processes, Regional Natural Resource Management (NRM) organisations’ role in guiding emerging carbon markets in Australia and the region. This project developed: 1. Detailed Practical Manuals for NRM Bodies concerning planning and carbon market integration in place and training delivered across Queensland regional NRM bodies. 2. Defined partnership arrangements for refinement of Governance systems, institutional and planning reforms maintained. 3. Theory based publication on governance systems required for application of ecosystem service market activities against NRM plan objectives.

Emerging carbon farming legislation is driving the need for new arrangements to guide carbon-based and other ecosystem services markets. In the face of climate change, we need to better understand how we can better integrate landscape planning with biodiversity conservation to take advantage of these markets. The project will provide stronger regional partnerships and knowledge to guide these emerging ecosystem services markets and build capacity within the region to capitalize on these markets.

Principal Investigator
Dale, Allan, Dr The Cairns Institute, James Cook University (JCU)
Co Investigator
Vella, Karen, Dr School of Environment, Griffith University (GU)

Publications / Data