GBR - Effects of the 2004 Great Barrier Reef rezoning on recreational fishers, 2006 - 2008 (MTSRF 4.8.5, JCU)

This dataset contains telephone (n=1743), mail (n=800), and face-to-face (n=132) survey data collected from the recreational fishing community in the Great Barrier Reef region. The surveys were aimed primarily at understanding fishers' attitudes and perceptions regarding the 2004 rezoning of the GBR and the impacts of the new zoning plan on recreational fishing activity and the spatial distribution of recreational fishing effort. Data units: Quantitative attitudinal and perception data plus extensive spatial data on recreational fishers' pre- and post-rezoning fishing locations. References: - Sutton, S.G.and R. Tobin. 2009. Recreational fishers' attitudes towards the 2004 rezoning of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Environmental Conservation. Published on-line December 18, 2009.

Principal Investigator
Sutton, Stephen, Dr James Cook University
Point Of Contact
Sutton, Stephen, Dr James Cook University

Data Usage Constraints
  • Contact Dr. Stephen Sutton (JCU) to negotiate access.

Tags: marine