Key Localities Gully Remediation (NESP TWQ 2.1.4 and NESP TWQ 5.9, CSIRO)

Five paired Control/Treatment gully sites on commercial grazing properties in the Burdekin are being monitored as part of NESP TWQ Project 2.1.4 - Demonstration and evaluation of gully remediation on downstream water quality and agricultural production in GBR rangelands (Bartley et al., 2018). The key question being asked is “is there measurable improvement in the erosion and water quality leaving remediated gully sites compared to sites left untreated?” The monitoring approach uses a modified BACI (Before after control impact) design. There are two sites in the Upper Burdekin sites (Virginia Park and Meadowvale) which capitalize on previous research investments looking at rangeland management and water quality response. The Bogie (Strathbogie) and Don (Minnievale) sites are Reef Trust 2 partnership projects. Mt Wickham is a new site that is part of the Burdekin Landholders Driving Change (LDC) project. This dataset includes key Gully monitoring localities (headcuts and monitoring instrumentation) and outlines of the properties within which they are located. Methods: Key Gully Localities were extracted from the 2017 or 2018 RTK GPS surveys for each gully site (see Site_Configuration_and_Survey dataset). Property Boundaries were generated by extracting polygons from the 2016 Digital Cadastre Database (DCDB) and simplifying to a single polygon. Area in hectares was calculated and appended to polygon attributes. KMZ’s are exported version of the original ArcGIS shapefiles Format: This data collection consists of two shapefiles (zipped) and two equivalent KMZ files with the following names: NESP_Gully_Key_localities Key gully localities include the RTK GP location of the instrumentation and the RTK GPS location of the nickpoint in the gully headcut rim. NESP_Gully_Property_Boundaries Boundaries for the properties on which the paired control/treatment gullies are located. Data Dictionary: Attributes for Property_Boundaries.shp include property NAME and the area in hectares (AREA_HA). Attributes for Key Locations include X,Y (MGA94 Z55) and Z (AHD) Timestamp associated when RTK surveyed Type- HEADCUT, INSTR Survey – type of survey and year, APPROX is best guess from Lidar or GoogleEarth Site_Code – short form code for sites where MIV = Minnievale MV = Meadowvale MW = Mount Wickham SB = Strathbogie VP = Virginia Park - Treatment/Control Property – Full name of property Treat_type – Treatment or control References: Bartley, R., Hawdon, A., Henderson, A., Wilkinson, S., Goodwin, N., Abbott, B., Baker, B., Matthews, M., Boadle, D., Telfer, D., Smith, B., Jarihani, B. and Burkin, G., 2017. Quantifying the effectiveness of gully remediation on offsite water quality: preliminary results from demonstration sites in the Burdekin catchment. Project 2.1.4. Report to the National Environmental Science Programme. Reef and Rainforest Research Centre Limited, Cairns (76pp.). Data Location: This dataset is filed in the eAtlas enduring data repository at: data\nesp5\5.9-Gully-remediation-effectiveness

Principal Investigator
Bartley, Rebecca Dr CSIRO Land and Water
Co Investigator
Henderson, Anne CSIRO Land and Water
Co Investigator
Hawdon, Aaron CSIRO Land and Water
Point Of Contact
Bartley, Rebecca Dr CSIRO Land and WaterInstitute of Marine Science (AIMS)

Data collected from 01 Jul 2016 until 12 Jun 2020

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