Native Title Determinations - November 2020 (NNTT)

The National Native Title Register is kept by the Native Title Registrar pursuant to s 192 of the NTA to hold information about approved determinations of native title. A "determination of native title" is a decision on whether native title exists in relation to a particular area of land or waters (s 225 of the NTA). Determinations of native title can be made by agreement (consent determination), without opposition (unopposed determination) or following a trial (litigated determination). An "approved determination of native title" is a determination of native title made by the Federal Court of Australia, the High Court of Australia, or a recognised State/Territory body within its jurisdictional limits (s 13 of the NTA). Only approved determinations of native title are recorded on the National Native Title Register (s 193 of the NTA). Note: This dataset also includes representations of determinations of native title that have not yet been entered on the National Native Title Register. Note: This metadata record is a local copy maintained for the eAtlas and is not authoritative. Please see the link to the 'Original metadata record for this dataset' for the full metadata and latest update. Data Location: This dataset is filed in the eAtlas enduring data repository at: data\non-custodian\ongoing\AU_NNTT\2020-11-05\

Geospatial representation of the Native Title Determinations

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Geospatial Services National Native Title Tribunal

Data Usage Constraints
  • Products using this data should acknowledge the National Native Title Tribunal as the data source.
  • Attribution 3.0 Australia