Representative Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Body areas - November 2020 (NNTT)

A representative Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander body (RATSIB) is a body recognised by the Commonwealth under s 203AD of the NTA to represent native title holders and persons who may hold native title and to consult with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons within a specified area. The statutory functions of RATSIBs are detailed in Part 11 Division 3 of the NTA and include: a) facilitation and assistance to prepare and progress native title applications and negotiation of future act processes; b) certification of native title applications and applications for registration of an ILUA; c) resolution of disputes between constituents; d) notification to persons who hold or may hold native title in the area of notices that relate to land and water in the RATSIB area; and e) agreement making to be a party to ILUAs as appropriate in its specified area. Note: This metadata record is a local copy maintained for the eAtlas and is not authoritative. Please see the link to the 'Original metadata record for this dataset' for the full metadata and latest update. Data Location: This dataset is filed in the eAtlas enduring data repository at: data\non-custodian\ongoing\AU_NNTT\2020-11-05\

Point Of Contact
Geospatial Services National Native Title Tribunal

Data Usage Constraints
  • Future Act notices boundary data are sourced from the respective organisations issuing the notices. Authorisation is required by those organisations prior to their release. Products using this data should acknowledge the National Native Title Tribunal as the data source.
  • Attribution 4.0 International