NERP TE Project 9.2 Design and implementation of Management Strategy Evaluation for the Great Barrier Reef inshore (MSEGBR) (CSIRO)

This project will develop a Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) framework to build understanding of the key human uses and drivers of change in the inshore Great Barrier Reef (GBR), and to inform GBR stakeholders of the likely consequences, costs and benefits of particular management decisions that aim to minimise the impacts on biodiversity, particularly from inshore multi-species fisheries. The MSE approach involves developing models that capture the key attributes of the management problem, including processes of biophysical systems, human uses of ecosystems and their socio-economic drivers, and the three major components of an adaptive management strategy – monitoring, assessment and management decision processes. A staged approach to the MSE is proposed. It will include: 1. Scoping of the project, data and information gathering, stakeholder elicitation of objectives and understanding key processes. 2. Assessment of management strategies using a qualitative MSE in the GBR region. This will consist of a) developing management strategies, b) assessing the relative impact of the management strategies against the objectives and c) steps required for implementation. This project is now complete.

The participatory approach used in the development of the MSE framework will build a common understanding of how the socio-economic and ecological components of the inshore GBR system function and interact, and will assist stakeholders to formulate management objectives. The resulting MSE framework will be used to identify which policies and practices have the potential to meet the stated objectives of stakeholders and to assess trade-offs between social, economic and environmental outcomes.

Principal Investigator
Dichmont, Cathy, Dr Marine and Atmospheric Research, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

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Tags: marine