Future act Determination Applications - November 2020 (NNTT)

A future act determination application (FADA) is a future act application that a negotiation party makes to the Tribunal for a determination that the act must not be done, the act may be done or the act may be done with conditions (s 38 of the NTA). A FADA cannot be made within 6 months of the notification date nor if an agreement in relation to the act has been made between the negotiation parties (s 35 of the NTA). The NNTT cannot make a determination in relation to a FADA unless the parties have negotiated in good faith (s 36(2) of the NTA) and it has taken into account the criteria set out in s 39 of the NTA (including effect of the act on the native title parties, the interests and wishes of the native title parties, the economic and other significance of the act to Australia and or the State or Territory, the public interest in the doing of the act and any other matter the NNTT considers relevant). Note: This metadata record is a local copy maintained for the eAtlas and is not authoritative. Please see the link to the 'Original metadata record for this dataset' for the full metadata and latest update. Data Location: This dataset is filed in the eAtlas enduring data repository at: data\non-custodian\ongoing\AU_NNTT\2020-11-05\FADA_Nat_shp.zip

Geographic representation of Future Act Determination Applications

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Geospatial Services National Native Title Tribunal geoservices@nntt.gov.au

Data Usage Constraints
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