Small scale variation in Dictyocerid sponges in central Torres Strait, Australia (MTSRF Project 1.3.2)

Surveys for Coscinoderma sp. were done at 5 island-groups: Ugar (Stephen Island) and Erub (Darnley Island) in eastern Torres Strait; and Masig (Yorke Island), Poruma (Coconut Island) and Warraber (Sue Island) in central Torres Strait. Sponge surveys were done at 7 or 8 randomly selected locations in each island group with each location at least 2 km apart, averaging 8 km. Each location was divided into 2 sites, approximately 200 m apart. At each site, three 30 x 1 m strip transects were quantitatively surveyed for the bath sponge, Coscinoderma sp. Transects were separated by at least 20 m and all were done between 7-11 m. Sponges were grouped into 2 or 5 cm size classes. For any diseased sponge, the percent of infected or necrotic pinacoderm was noted. Four environmental factors (slope, %rock, %rubble and %sand) were recorded. Tissue samples from 10 individuals of Coscinoderma sp. were collected from each island-group. In addition, 10 sponges were collected from each of two sites, Keats and Kodall islands, off Masig. Approximately 2 g of tissue from each sample was taken for DNA extraction, amplification and sequencing. For microbial analysis, a DNA fingerprinting technique (denaturing gradient gel electropohoresis) was used to determine the stability of bacterial associations within Coscinoderma sp. across wide spatial scales.

To assess the distribution and abundance of a wild commercial bath sponge species, Coscinoderma sp., in Torres Strait. To identify elements of environmental risk (evidence of disease, sedimentation, invasives). To understand the dynamics and structure of bath sponge population(s) and explore the risks and threats to these populations prior to considerations of commercial development.

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Principal Investigator
Duckworth, Alan R, Dr
Evans-Illidge, Elizabeth A (Libby), Ms Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)
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Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)

Data collected from 01 Nov 2006

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