eAtlas Web Mapping Service (WMS) - Legacy MTSRF Server (AIMS)

The eAtlas delivers its mapping products via two Web Mapping Services, a legacy server (from 2008-2011) and a newer primary server (2011+) to which all new content it added. This record describes the legacy WMS. This service delivers map layers associated with the eAtlas project (, which contains map layers of environmental research focusing on the Great Barrier Reef. The majority of the layers corresponding to Glenn De'ath's interpolated maps of the GBR developed under the MTSRF program (2008-2010). This web map service is predominantly maintained for the legacy eAtlas map viewer ( All the these legacy map layers are available through the new eAtlas mapping portal (, however the legends have not been ported across. This WMS is implemented using GeoServer version 1.7 software hosted on a server at the Australian Institute of Marine Science. For ArcMap use the following steps to add this service: 1. "Add Data" then choose GIS Servers from the "Look in" drop down. 2. Click "Add WMS Server" then set the URL to "" Note: this service has around 460 layers of which approximately half the layers correspond to Standard Error maps, which are WRONG (please ignore all *Std_Error layers. This services is operated by the Australian Institute of Marine Science and co-funded by the MTSRF program.

Point Of Contact
Lawrey, Eric, Dr Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)

Data Usage Constraints
  • The imagery provided by this service is made available under a creative commons license. Attribution should be given to the eAtlas and the data providers of the layers. This layer information is available via the titles and the linked metadata records. If you use this service in an on-going service like a portal please send us an email so we can inform you of any potential changes to the service.
  • Attribution 2.5 Australia

Tags: Web Mapping Service | WMS | GeoServer