Reef Rescue Marine Monitoring Program (RRMMP) Sites post 2015

This dataset consists of the geographical locations for the Reef Rescue Marine Monitoring Program (RRMMP) from 2015. The dataset was received as a KMZ file and processed to deal with monitoring survey measurements at duplicate sites. The Marine Monitoring Program commenced in 2005 to improve water quality in the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). A program review in 2015 identified the critical spatial and temporal gaps in the monitoring design which resulted in re-evaluating the marine monitoring sampling locations. Qualitative and statistical models linked water quality, seagrass and coral conditions and test indicators. Trends analysis for each area identified the identified key environmental drivers of change. The program from 2015 has two core themes with five sub-programs: Inshore water quality monitoring programs – (i) monitoring of water quality using grab samples during flood events, (ii) ambient monitoring of water quality using grab samples, loggers and passive samplers (iii) remote sensing of pollutant flood plumes and GBR waters GBR biological monitoring – (i) monitoring of seagrass abundance and health monitoring (ii) monitoring of coral reef health The Marine Monitoring Program is managed by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) and reports on the overall condition of the reef through Annual Report Cards. Monitoring is conducted by a range of organisations including the Australian Institute of Marine Science, James Cook University, University of Queensland, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Reef Catchments and community members. Data from the Marine Monitoring Program contributes to the Reef 2050 Water Quality Improvement plan and the Reef 2050 Integrated Monitoring and Reporting Program. Please see the report (Kuhnert, P.M et al,2015) for more information on the review. Format: The dataset consists of one shapefile: GBR_AIMS_MMP-Locations-2017.shp The visualisation is of single geographical points with values showing monitoring types at each location. There are five survey types represented on this map, consisting of Seagrass surveys, Coral surveys, Pesticide passive samplers, Pesticide grab samples, Water quality loggers, Water quality grab samples. The site location data was processed to deal with measurements at duplicate sites. The reconfiguration of the data presented ten variable combinations of the monitoring surveys, between one and three surveys at each site. The shapefile has been visualised using different coloured points to distinguish survey types, as well as icons representing the monitoring programs. Data Dictionary - RRMMP monitoring sites 1. Site information - NAME: Site name - LATITUDE: in decimal degrees - LONGITUDE: in decimal degrees 2. Monitoring Program information - SEAGRASS: indicates a seagrass monitoring site where TRUE - CORAL: indicates a coral monitoring site where TRUE - PESTPASSIV: indicates a pesticide passive monitoring site where TRUE - PESTGRAB: indicates a pesticide grab sample monitoring site where TRUE - WQLOGGER: indicates a water quality logger monitoring site where TRUE - WQGRAB: indicates a water quality grab sample monitoring site where TRUE - ICON: numbers 1 - 10 correspond to icons representing monitoring program icons to deal with multiple survey types at a single location. 1 = Seagrass 2 = Coral 3 = PestPassiv 4 = PestGrab 5 = WQ Grab 6 = PestPassiv and PestGrab 7 = WQLogger and WQGrab 8 = PestGrab and WQGrab 9 = PestPassiv and PestGrab and WQGrab 10 = Coral and WQLogger and WQGrab References: Kuhnert, P.M., Liu, Y., Henderson, B., Dambacher, J., Lawrence, E. and Kroon, F. (2015) Review of the Marine Monitoring Program (MMP), Final Report for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), CSIRO, Australia. Data Location: This dataset is filed in the eAtlas enduring data repository at: data\2018-MMP\GBR_AIMS_MMP-sites Change Log: This section will document changes to the dataset as subsequent versions are released. This section will allow you to tell if you have the latest copy of the dataset. - Version 1 (2018-11-05): Initial release of the dataset. The filename for this release was: GBR_AIMS_MMP_Locations-2017.shp

Principal Investigator
Rene Gruber Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)
Point Of Contact
eAtlas Data Manager Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)

Data collected from 01 Jan 2015 until 05 Nov 2018

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