Torres Strait aerial imagery 2011 (DNRME, TSRA)

This dataset consist of high resolution aerial imagery of community areas within the Torres Strait region collected in 2011. The typical resolution of the imagery is 10 - 20 cm. This imagery was collected in conjunction with LiDAR measurements of the topology of the Torres Strait Islands. This imagery was supplied by the TSRA for the creation of the base map of the Torres Strait eAtlas. This original source of the imagery was the Queensland Government. Newer versions of similar imagery are available from the Queensland Globe portal ( The Queensland Government also makes this imagery available as a service (including additional years of data along with PlanetLab imagery) available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (CC BY-SA). The collection used for the Torres Strait eAtlas includes: Horn Island, Prince of Wales and Friday Islands, Thrusday Island, Coconut island, Entrance Island, Injinoo Island, Mabuiag Isand, New Mapoon Island, Stephens island, Umagico Island, Yam Island, Yorke Island, Badu Island, Bamaga, Boigu Island, Hammond Island, Kubin Island, Saibai Island Seisia and Sue Island. The original ECW images were converted to large GeoTiff images, with internal overviews for presenting via the web. This processing was done using the GDAL tool suite. Some of this imagery was used to create a poster of the Torres Strait Islands and Reefs (

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