Locations of Torres Strait Protected Zone and PNG Treaty Villages (AIMS)

This dataset consists of a small CSV file containing the locations, names and country of the Torres Strait villages associated with the Australian and Papua New Guinea Treaty Protected Zone and neighbouring PNG Treaty villages This dataset is intended for the creation of regional maps. The village locations are not official and were based using satellite imagery to place the village marker on either the centre of the visible village, or the post office location, if that was marked in Google Maps. In 2000, Australia and PNG exchanged third person notes which identified the PNG villages deemed to be Treaty villages. Thus, PNG inhabitants from the 13 Treaty villages—Bula, Mari, Jarai, Tais, Buji/Ber, Sigabadaru, Mabadauan, Old Mawatta, Ture Ture, Kadawa, Katatai, Parama and Sui—can, without passports, visit the Protected Zone to carry out traditional activities. Torres Strait Islanders living in the Protected Zone have reciprocal rights to visit the Treaty villages to also carry out traditional activities. The spelling of the names of the villages were based on the maps and text provided on the Torres Strait Island Regional council website at http://www.tsirc.qld.gov.au/...movements. This contains the villages locations for: Parama, Buji, Bula, Sigabadaru, Sui, Tais, Ture Ture, Ber, Kadawa, Katatai, Old Mawatta, Mari, Mabadauan, Jarai, Boigu, Badu, Poruma, Erub, Dauan, Arkai, Wug, Maguiag, Mer, Saibai, Ugar, Warraber, Iama, Masig Format: CSV file containing 28 rows and 4 columns (longitude, latitude, name, country) Data Dictionary: longitude, latitude: Decimal degrees of the village location. This was adjusted to be central to the village, or at the location of the post office if this was marked on Google Maps and it appeared to be a valid location. name: Name of the village with spelling based on the Torres Strait Regional Council website. country: Country that the village is in. Either 'PNG' or 'Australia' References: Torres Strait Regional Council (2016) Torres Strait Treaty & Border Movements. Accessed 12 April 2021 from http://www.tsirc.qld.gov.au/...movements Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee (2010) The Torres Strait: Bridge and Border. Senate Printing Unit, Parliament House, Canberra. https://www.aph.gov.au/Parli...ort/index

Principal Investigator
Lawrey, Eric, Dr Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)
Point Of Contact
eAtlas Data Manager Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) e-atlas@aims.gov.au

Data collected from 25 Jul 2000 until 12 Apr 2021

Data Usage Constraints
  • Attribution 3.0 Australia