NERP TE Project 7.2 Invasive species risks and responses in the Wet Tropics (CSIRO)

This project focuses on understanding the current and future risks and responses of invasive species in the Wet Tropics. The aim is to develop a strategic approach to pest management that considers the complexity of ecological processes involved with establishment and spread and takes account of the values and assets in the region. The project will contribute to the management of invasive plants and animals by providing prioritisation tools that align with existing regional pest management frameworks. Outcomes include: Identifying geographic areas and natural assets particularly at risk from invasive species, networks of weed and pest animal spread throughout the Wet Tropics, emerging weed threats in the Wet Tropics as a result of climate change (using climate matching methods with CLIMEX).

Pest management planning in the Wet Tropics is primarily based on knowledge about current pest distributions and risks. Land managers in the region have identified the need to also consider potential future risks in strategic planning, taking into account pathways of spread, climate change and emerging or sleeper weeds and pests. However, there is a gap in our understanding about how to forecast future risks and responses and how to integrate them in existing management planning.

Principal Investigator
Murphy, Helen, Dr Ecosystem Sciences, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

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