Australia's River Basins 1997 (GA)

Australia's River Basins 1997 is the result of a joint State, Territory and Commonwealth Government project to create a national spatial database of major hydrological basins. It shows the boundaries of Australia's basins as defined by the Australian Water Resources Management Committee (WRMC). Australia is divided into drainage divisions which are sub-divided into water regions which are in-turn sub-divided into river basins. The data includes the name and number of each of the 245 drainage basins, 77 regions, and 12 divisions. This metadata was prepared for the eAtlas and is not authoritative. Please contact the custodian for an authoritative record. Data Location: A copy of this dataset is filed in the eAtlas enduring data repository at: data\other\AU_GA_River-basins-1997

rbasin_polygon.shp (13.2 MB, 1302 polygons, Datum: AGD66): This shapefile contains the boundaries of all the major river basins of Australia. Where a river basin includes islands, the islands carry the same attributes, except for the feature code (F_CODE) which is set to "island_cent" instead of "dbasin_cent". There are 288 dbasin_cent features and 1014 island_cent features. rbasin_chain.shp (9 MB, 2627 lines, Datum: AGD66): This shapefile contains the outlines of the river basins. rbasin_point.shp (320 kB, 1302 points, Datum AGD66): Centroid of each river basin polygon. Available for download from GA in the following zipped formats: ArcView shape file, May be imported into MapInfo, 12.81MB, MapInfo Interchange Format (MIF), 9.38MB

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