Sentinel-2 UTM Tiling Grid (ESA)

This dataset shows the tiling grid and their IDs for Sentinel 2 satellite imagery. The tiling grid IDs are useful for selecting imagery of an area of interest. Sentinel 2 is an Earth observation satellite developed and operated by the European Space Agency (ESA). Its imagery has 13 bands in the visible, near infrared and short wave infrared part of the spectrum. It has a spatial resolution of 10 m, 20 m and 60 m depending on the spectral band. Sentinel-2 has a 290 km field of view when capturing its imagery. This imagery is then projected on to a UTM grid and made available publicly on 100x100 km2 tiles. Each tile has a unique ID. This ID scheme allows all imagery for a given tile to be located. Provenance: The ESA make the tiling grid available as a KML file (see links). We were, however, unable to convert this KML into a shapefile for deployment on the eAtlas. The shapefile used for this layer was sourced from the Git repository developed by Justin Meyers ( Why is this dataset in the eAtlas?: Sentinel 2 imagery is very useful for the studying and mapping of reef systems. Selecting imagery for study often requires knowing what the tile grid IDs are for the area of interest. This dataset is intended as a reference layer. The eAtlas is not a custodian of this dataset and copies of the data should be obtained from the original sources. Data Dictionary: - Name: UTM code associated with each tile. For example 55KDV

Meyers, Justin
Point Of Contact
eAtlas Data Manager Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)

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