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PreviewThis data set provides detailed information about the chemical composition, bioavailability and relative abundance of organic compounds in plant material and the organic associated with soil and sediment samples collected from terrestrial and marine environment of the Great
PreviewThe dataset contains the particle size distribution analysis (on a Malvern Mastersizer 3000 laser diffraction) and major and trace element geochemistry data for end of river and flood plume samples from the 2017, 2018 and 20
PreviewThis dataset describes the predicted distribution of seagrass communities across the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and adjacent estuaries, based on six multivariate regressions tree models for estuary intertidal, estuary subtidal, coastal intertida
PreviewThis dataset describes the predicted probability of seagrass presence across the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and adjacent estuaries, based on six Random Forest models.
PreviewThis project integrated all the available source bathymetry data currently used within the latest gbr100 grid and generated a much higher-resolution gbr30 bathymetry grid (~30 m pixel spacing) over the GBR shelf area.
PreviewThis dataset presents two excel spreadsheets containing the transect-based estimates of biomass carbon and condition score of study sites.
PreviewGeoscience Australias GEOMACS model was used to produce hindcast hourly time series of continental shelf (~20 to 300 m depth) bed shear stress (unit of measure: Pascal, Pa) on a 0.1 degree grid covering the period March 1997 to February 2008 (inclusive).
PreviewThis dataset presents the raw data obtained from 1415 online and representative Australian that were asked to aesthetically rate 180 photos of typical coral reef landscapes.
PreviewThis dataset consists of monitoring data from macroalgae removal and larval seeding experiments in Florence and Arthur Bay at Magnetic Island, Queensland, Australia, collected between 2018-2020. with Header.R This is a block of R code written for NESP Tropical Water Quality Hub Project 3.1.6