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PreviewThis dataset contains composite satellite images for the Coral Sea region based on 10 m resolution Sentinel 2 imagery from 2015 – 2021. This image collection is intended to allow mapping of the reef and island features of the Coral Sea.
PreviewThis data collection describes the common methods and data dictionary of the subtidal and intertidal benthic surveys of Torres Strait conducted by James Cook University.
PreviewThis dataset corresponds to the zoning of Commonwealth Marine Parks managed by Parks Australia. This metadata is a non-authoritative extract maintained for the eAtlas. See links for the original and full metadata.
PreviewThis dataset is a compilation of available ocean temperature data, aerial and in-water bleaching observations during the 2016 and 2017 bleaching events on the Great Barrier Reef in order to estimate the total reef area impacted by coral bleaching and thermal hea
PreviewThis dataset contains point features depicting spot heights for the Wet Tropics Bioregion.
PreviewThis dataset contains Active Licenses, Effort days, Harvest Weight and GVP for the Queensland commercial harvest, line, net, pot and trawl fisheries. The data is provided on a 30 min grid for locations where there are more than 5 licensed operators.
This project will implement monitoring programs for the endangered southern cassowary, Casuarisus casuarius, and the vulnerable spectacled flying-fox, Pteropus conspicillatus. Cassowary monitoring will be based on regular surveys to collect dung. DNA fingerprinting of the bird dung will provide data on cassowary abundance and distribution, the influence of habitat type and the structure and phylogeography of cassowary populations across the region.
PreviewThis dataset contains maps of alluvial and hillslope gullies across four large blocks of lidar covering portions of the Burdekin, Fitzroy, and Normanby Catchments.
PreviewThis dataset contains preliminary estimates of discharge and loads (Total suspended sediment and total nitrogen) based on monitoring data collected for the NESP Project 2.1.4 Demonstration and evaluation of gully remediation on downstream water quality and agricultural prod
PreviewThis dataset consists of daily estimates of photic depth on the Great Barrier Reef from MODIS satellite imagery (from 2002 - 2015) using a quasi-analytical algorithm.