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PreviewThis dataset contains the code for the Android application “COTS Control Centre Decision Support Tool” (CCC-DST).
PreviewThis dataset collected variation in the demography of Pacific crown-of-thorns starfish (Acanthaster cf. solaris) during the latest period of elevated starfish densities (active population irruptions) in the central section of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.
PreviewThis dataset contains Active Licenses, Effort days, Harvest Weight and GVP for the Queensland commercial harvest, line, net, pot and trawl fisheries. The data is provided on a 30 min grid for locations where there are more than 5 licensed operators.
This project undertook a scoping study to develop a robust approach that will allow us in Phase 2 to carry out an ecological risk assessment (ERA) of nutrients, fine suspended sediments, and pesticides used in agriculture in the GBR region including ranking the relative risk of individual contaminants originating from priority catchments to the GBR ecosystems using a systematic, objective and transparent approach.
PreviewThis dataset contains code used to generate the daily benthic light (bPAR) data product provided at and the bPAR index for water qual
PreviewThis dataset contains point features depicting spot heights for the Wet Tropics Bioregion.
PreviewThis dataset consists of daily estimates of photic depth on the Great Barrier Reef from MODIS satellite imagery (from 2002 - 2015) using a quasi-analytical algorithm.
PreviewThis dataset shows the broad geology of the Wet Tropics of Queensland and surrounding areas from Ayr up to north of Cooktown.
PreviewThe dataset represents the code base developed for the generation of water quality metrics from various data sources (eReefs Biogeochemical models, MODIS Satellite imaging and AIMS in situ sampling).