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PreviewA future act determination application (FADA) is a future act application that a negotiation party makes to the Tribunal for a determination that the act must not be done, the act may be done or the act may be done with conditions (s 38 of the
PreviewBefore an act is done, which may affect native title, a Government party must issue a notice under s 29 of the NTA (s 29 notice or future act notice).
PreviewA future act objection is where a native title party objects to the inclusion of a statement that the act attracts the expedited procedure (s 32 of the NTA).
PreviewAn indigenous land use agreement (ILUA) is a voluntary, legally binding agreement about the use and management of land or waters, made between one or more native title groups and non-native title interest holders in the ILUA area (such a
PreviewThis dataset reflects the external boundaries of native title applications which have been combined, discontinued, dismissed, struck out or withdrawn.
PreviewThe Register of Native Title Claims is kept by the Native Title Registrar pursuant to s 185 of the NTA to hold information on claimant applications that have satisfied the registration requirements set out in ss 190B and 190C of the NTA.
PreviewThe Schedule of Native Title Determination Applications is kept by the Native Title Registrar pursuant to s 98A(1) of the NTA and contains information on all applications made under s 61 of the NTA, including claimant, non-claimant,
PreviewThe National Native Title Register is kept by the Native Title Registrar pursuant to s 192 of the NTA to hold information about approved determinations of native title.
PreviewAn approved determination of native title is made by way of an order of the court pursuant to ss 86, 87 or 87A of the NTA or s 23 of the Federal Court of Australia Act 1976 (Cth).
PreviewA representative Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander body (RATSIB) is a body recognised by the Commonwealth under s 203AD of the NTA to represent native title holders and persons who may hold native title and to consult with Aboriginal