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This project involved working with a range of stakeholders to identify the most effective governance systems for managing climate change adaptation in the Wet Tropics through the emergence of new ecosystem service markets, including Carbon Farming. The project will directly contribute to: Regional climate change adaptation policies and planning processes, Regional Natural Resource Management (NRM) organisations’ role in guiding emerging carbon markets in Australia and the region. This project developed:
PreviewThis data set provides detailed information about the chemical composition, bioavailability and relative abundance of organic compounds in plant material and the organic associated with soil and sediment samples collected from terrestrial and marine environment of the Great
PreviewThis dataset shows the effects of the insecticide imidacloprid on larval development of the hermit crab Coenobita variabilis. Experiments were conducted in 2017.
PreviewThis experiment grew adult Echinometra sp. A sea urchins under four temperature and pH treatments 28 / 7.9, 28 / 8.1, 31 / 7.9, 31 / 8.1 (degrees C, pH) to investigate the interactive effects of warming and acidification on their physiology.
PreviewDepth and Elevation Model of the Great Barrier Reef (GBRDEM), a regional-scale terrain model covering the Great Barrier Reef, catchments which flow into the Great Barrier Reef and, where data are available, depths beyond the edge of the continental shelf.
PreviewThis dataset contains Vegetation and Biomass monitoring data collected for the NESP TWQ Project 5.9, formally NESP TWQ 2.1.4, (Demonstration and evaluation of gully remediation on downstream water quality and agricultural p
PreviewThis dataset shows the effects of three insecticides (diazinon, fipronil, imidacloprid) and two fungicides (chlorothalonil, propiconazole) on larval metamorphosis in the coral Acropora tenuis.
PreviewThis dataset corresponds to the Natural Resource Management (NRM) Regions corresponding to river catchments neighbouring the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.
PreviewThis dataset consists reprocessing and reformatting the SRTM30 PLUS v8.0 Digital Elevation Model (DEM) dataset developed by Scripps Institute Of Oceanography, University of California San Diego (UCSD) to produce a single raster covering the
PreviewThis dataset shows the combined effects of climate change (ocean warming (OW) and ocean acidification (OA)) and the herbicide diuron (frequently detected in the Great Barrier Reef catchments) on the chlorophyll a fluorescence (effective quantum yield, Delta F/Fm'),