NESP TWQ Round 2 - Project 2.3.3 - Building Indigenous livelihood and comanagement opportunities in the northern GBR - ecosystem services and conservation governance for water quality

Region map

This project supports Indigenous co-management and livelihoods by scoping and developing culturally-appropriate ecosystem services (ES) products focused on water quality. Local and regional Indigenous development agencies in CYP will collaborate with researchers with expertise in Indigenous water, co-benefits, ES, wetland ecology, and governance issues. The project will:

  1. evaluate international examples of nutrient offsets and watershed ES;
  2. scope investor demand and develop innovative water quality ES products suitable for Northern GBR geographic, demographic, and market conditions; and
  3. improve wetland protection, co-management, business, and governance capability.

Key project objectives are to leverage existing ES-based livelihood opportunities and to realize social co-benefits.

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