NESP TWQ Round 1 - Project 2.1 - Assessing the cumulative impacts of climatic disturbances on inshore GBR coral reefs, identifying key refuges and testing the viability of manipulative reef restoration

Region map

The Keppel Islands, southern GBR, suffered successive climatic disturbance events (coral bleaching, flood plumes) between 2006 and 2013. Long-term monitoring at 26 sites revealed significant declines in coral cover and fish abundance on both no-take reserve (green zone) and fished reefs. In February 2015, Cyclone Marcia (Category 5) hit the Keppel Islands. We propose to re-survey all 26 monitoring sites to quantify cyclone damage and to identify remaining refuge areas that can support reef recovery and long-term resilience. We also propose to conduct a pilot-scale experiment on degraded reefs in the Keppel Islands to assess the viability of active reef restoration.

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