NESP TWQ Round 1 - Project 3.7 - Monitoring the effects of zoning on coral reefs and their associated fish communities in the GBR Marine Park

Region map

This project describes the activities of the AIMS long-term program to monitor the effects of zoning on coral reef communities in the period July-October 2015.

  1. In that period there will be one survey trip (out of four made annually) to the southern GBR (Capricorn-Bunker and Swain Reefs) using the RV Cape Ferguson. As well as forming part of the long-term program, these reefs are interesting as they are recovering from the effects of severe storms, notably TC Hamish in 2009.
  2. Initial findings will be reported to stakeholder via a “Survey update”, with more comprehensive reporting when surveys of reefs in all regions are complete. (June 2016)

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17 January 2017

This dataset consists of summaries of benthic, fish and manta tow surveys conducted in the Capricorn-Bunker Region of the Great Barrier Reef in October 2015. It consists of three tables: