NESP TWQ Round 2 - Project 2.2.1 - Identifying the water quality and ecosystem health threats to the high diversity Torres Strait and far northern GBR from runoff from the Fly River

Region map

Runoff from the Fly River in Papua New Guinea influences water quality conditions in the Torres Strait (TS) region however the extent and frequency of this influence, and the potential ecological impacts, are not well understood. Further investigation is required to understand the prevalence and frequency of the extension of the Fly River plume into TS, and the characteristics of plume constituents, particularly metals. This project will build on previous efforts to determine the spatial extent, temporal patterns and constituent pollutants of Fly River discharge, and to a lesser extent, assess the vulnerability of ecosystems in the TS exposed to the discharge.

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This project was continued through the NESP TWQ 5.14 project.