NESP TWQ Round 3 - Project 3.1.4 - Optimizing the management of riparian zones to improve the health of the Great Barrier Reef

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This study uses evaluation of past investments to demonstrate effectiveness, and enable improved targeting, of riparian remediation works for reducing streambank erosion to achieve improved water quality outcomes within the Great Barrier Reef. By re-visiting previous riparian erosion-control investments we will identify what factors result in generating a functional riparian zone, including the conditions under which the investment occurred (rainfall zone, fencing arrangements, soil type, etc.), and the type of remediation revegetation (width of revegetation, connectivity of riparian area, species mix established, etc.). With stakeholder input, we will develop an initial framework to guide future investment in riparian remediation works.

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4 February 2021

This dataset presents two excel spreadsheets containing the transect-based estimates of biomass carbon and condition score of study sites.