NESP TWQ Round 4 - Project 4.12 – Measuring cost-effectiveness and identifying key barriers and enablers of lasting behavioural change in the cane industry

Region map

This project will:

  1. Develop methodologies for assessing cost-effectiveness and for identifying key drivers of variation in cost-effectiveness in data-challenging situations.
  2. Use developed methods to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of a range of completed programs for reducing nitrogen runoff from cane production in Reef catchments.
  3. Within recently-completed and current programs, identify key barriers and enablers of:
    1. Engagement
    2. Lasting behavioural change
  4. Compare and contrast evaluation methods (targeted individual approach compared and contrasted with a within project stakeholder approach) to deliver an adaptive management evaluation tool for measuring engagement whilst programs are on-going.
  5. Inform future investment decisions by helping to identify key characteristics of cost-effective projects that will successfully engage stakeholders to deliver lasting behaviour change.

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