NESP TWQ Round 5 - Project 5.9 – Gully Remediation Effectiveness

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There is significant Government investment in water quality improvement focused on reducing gully erosion (~$50M), however, there is limited measured data to demonstrate the effectiveness of the remediation approaches. This project is collecting land condition, terrain and water quality data from five gully remediation trial sites in the Burdekin catchment. These data will demonstrate if the on-ground investment programs are actually improving measured water quality, and quantify the cost-effectiveness of the various approaches. The measured field data will be extrapolated using Lidar, which will support the prioritisation and evaluation of future remediation sites over larger (whole of property) scales. Communication products developed will provide the evidence needed to increase landholder engagement in remediation programs that are focused on improving water quality runoff to the GBR.

This project is a continuation of NESP TWQ Round 2 - Project 2.1.4.



Publication on
28 November 2019
PreviewFive paired Control/Treatment gully sites on commercial grazing properties in the Upper Burdekin and Bowen catchments are being monitored as part of NESP Project 2.1.4 (Demonstration and evaluation of gully remediation on downstream water quality and agricultural production