Mangrove species in Torres Strait (list of species per island) (NERP TE 2.2, JCU)

This dataset is a spreadsheet containing the list of mangrove species found on each of 23 Torres Strait islands including: Thursday, Horn, Hammond, Prince of Wales, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Badu, Mua, Mabiaug, Dauan, Boigu, Saibai, Turnagain, Yam (Iama), Cap, Gebar, Tudu, Zagai, Sassie, Warraber, Erub (Darnley), Mer (Murray). These surveys were conducted in 1981, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. This spreadsheet contains the list of all 45 mangrove species in Australia and the species for Torres Strait (35) and for each island. Most surveys were conducted by Norm Duke, however some were also conducted with Damien Burrows and Jock Mackenzie. On some of the islands the traditional names of the mangrove species were recorded. 

Data note: This summary was produced from the information in the project report. No metadata was provided for this dataset from the researcher. Please contact the author for clarifications about this dataset.

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Duke, N. C., Burrows, D. and Mackenzie, J. R. (2015) Mangrove and Freshwater Wetland Habitat Status of the Torres Strait Islands. Biodiversity, Biomass and Changing Condition of Wetlands. Report to the National Environmental Research Program. Reef and Rainforest Research Centre Limited, Cairns (117pp.)