Helicopter shoreline mangrove surveys of Torres Strait (Geotagged aerial video, survey transect, classified images) (NERP TE 2.2, JCU)

Helicopter surveys of the shoreline on 13 Torres Strait islands (Mua, Badu, Mabuiag, Dauan, Buru, Boigu, Saibai, Iama, Gebar, Tudu, Cap, Sassie, Zagai, Erub) were conducted from November 2011 to August 2013. This dataset consist of the georeferenced shoreline aerial images (1000s), the transect path of the helicopter (available from the eAtlas) and the classifications of the images. The intent of this dataset was to access and record the state of the mangroves on these islands.

Video imagery was collected using a Sony Handycam from a low flying helicopter travelling parallel to the shoreline at a height of ~100 ft. and distance of ~100m, at a speed between 70 and 100 km/hr. The video camera was positioned to record directly perpendicular to the direction of travel at all times. Shoreline video imagery was collected with a concurrent time-synchronized 1-second interval GPS track to provide spatial reference to the imagery. Voice recording of observations on mangrove species composition, structure, condition and threats are made during recording.

The recorded video was divided into JPEG frame images s representing 50 m sections. They were then classified according to a set of visual criteria designed by the MangroveWatch Hub at JCU. This classification included: Mangrove Forest Presence, Mangrove Forest Condition, Shoreline Mangrove Forest Condition, Inner Fringing Forest Condition, Shoreline and mangrove forest process.

Data note: Only the helicopter transect lines were provided to the eAtlas. The geotagged aerial video images and classifications of these images were not made available to the eAtlas. Please contact the author for this data.

For more information about this dataset along with analysis of the shoreview data:

Duke, N. C., Burrows, D. and Mackenzie, J. R. (2015) Mangrove and Freshwater Wetland Habitat Status of the Torres Strait Islands. Biodiversity, Biomass and Changing Condition of Wetlands. Report to the National Environmental Research Program. Reef and Rainforest Research Centre Limited, Cairns (117pp.)