Synthesis: what do we know about Glomar Shoal and Rankin Bank?

Submerged reefs and shoals are important features of the North West Marine Region of Australia due to their diverse and often unique benthic (e.g., corals, sponges) and fish biodiversity. Glomar Shoal and Rankin Bank are the only large, complex, bathymetrical features on the outer western shelf of the West Pilbara and are located approximately 150km north of Dampier. Together, these two remote shallow water areas represent regionally unique habitats. Woodside Energy Ltd (Woodside) has identified these shoals as sensitive receptors for which baseline data is required; however both shoals were poorly understood in terms of their physical and biological characteristics. Consequently, the Australian Institute of Marine Science was contracted by Woodside to survey these areas in 2013.

The interactive map content below was created in 2015 to make it easy for a range of interested parties to find out what is now known about Glomar Shoal and Rankin Bank.

How to use the map

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Glomar Rankin demo screen shot

Colours on the map show the water depth (shades of blue) and land elevation (other colours) near Glomar Shoal and Rankin Bank. Click on the map to see the depth or elevation in any given location.

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