Where has multi-beam bathymetry data been collected near Australia?

The map below shows the location of all multibeam bathymetry (shaded red) currently held by Geoscience Australia (GA) as of 2016 (see the metadata record). The map was compiled by GA from numerous field surveys conducted by GA, CSIRO, the Royal Australian Navy, the Australian Institute of Marine Science and many national and international collaborators.

To find out more about any location, click on it and scroll through the columns of data entries in the table that pops up. View a description of some of the types of data you can find for each location where multi-beam data exists. You can also display the boundaries of the Commonwealth Marine Reserves (CMRs) on the map below. To do so, activate the map with the four arrows icon (see below) and click the tick box next to the CMR data layer.

How to use the map

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Description of selected columns in the multi-beam bathymetry dataset
Column heading Explanation
NAME Name of the field survey that collected the data
SHIP Name of the vessel that collected the data
PRIN_INVES Person who was in charge of the field survey that collected the data and their email address
COLL_INST Name of organisation that led the field survey that collected the data
START_DATE Start of the field survey
END_DATE End of the field survey
MB_SYSTEM Technical name of the sonar system used to collect bathymetry data during the field survey