Building Resilient Communities for Torres Strait Futures

Video shot, edited and narrated by Tom Greenwood

Torres Strait forms the northern border of Australia with Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. The islands are very remote but are home to 15 indigenous communities with a unique culture which is heavily dependent on a healthy marine environment. This includes coral reef, seagrass and mangrove habitats; iconic animals such as turtles and dugongs; and valuable fishery species including lobsters and sea cumbers. As Torres Strait is a bridge between Australia and the Asia-pacific region these communities are in frontline of the complex effects of rapid global development and climate change.

Includes interviews with: Dr. James Bulter (CSIRO), Dr. Erin Bohensky (CSIRO), Joseph Elu (Chair Torres Strait Regional Authority), Timothy Skewes (CSIRO), Kenny Bedford (TSRA Board Member for Erub and Fisheries Portfolio), Fraser Nai (Councillor for Masig), Hilda Mosby (TSRA Board Member for Masig), John Rainbird (TSRA), Robert Zigterman (Queensland Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Multicultural Affairs) and Allan Dale (Regional Development Australia).