NESP TWQ Round 3 - Project 3.3.2 - Science evaluation of coastal wetland systems repair projects across GBR catchments

State and Federal agencies are funding many GBR wetland system repair projects (Mungalla wetlands $1.2M; Reef Trust/Greening Australia $4M; Restoring Burdekin Coastal Ecosystems $837K; Roundhill Creek wetland/FHA $65K, Babinda Swamp Constructed Wetland ~$1.97M). The problem is no scientific data evaluates their success; this project partners with NRMs to fill this R&D gap. Using advanced scientific hydrological and ecological techniques we will generate data to evaluate repair efforts, providing surety to government funding agencies. This project will provide a platform to attract significant private and philanthropic investors, looking to fund large-scale wetland repair projects, via emerging carbon and nutrient trading schemes.