NESP TWQ Round 3 - Project 3.3.2 - Science evaluation of coastal wetland systems repair projects across GBR catchments

State and Federal agencies are funding many GBR wetland system repair projects (Mungalla wetlands $1.2M; Reef Trust/Greening Australia $4M; Restoring Burdekin Coastal Ecosystems $837K; Roundhill Creek wetland/FHA $65K, Babinda Swamp Constructed Wetland ~$1.97M). The problem is no scientific data evaluates their success; this project partners with NRMs to fill this R&D gap. Using advanced scientific hydrological and ecological techniques we will generate data to evaluate repair efforts, providing surety to government funding agencies. This project will provide a platform to attract significant private and philanthropic investors, looking to fund large-scale wetland repair projects, via emerging carbon and nutrient trading schemes.



Publication on
18 January 2021
PreviewThis data set contains high frequency logging data to measure water depth, water temperature and electrical conductivity in project wetland sites. In addition fish catch data in wetlands recorded during this project, using electro-fish boat.