Dr Johanna Johnson

Johanna has 26 years' experience in marine research and management in Asia-Pacific, and specialises in climate change vulnerability and adaptation, community-based conservation, marine monitoring, reef resilience, synthesis and providing decision-support. Johanna is based in Vanuatu and is Director of C2O Pacific

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Humpback whales are iconic megafauna that play a significant role in the northeast Australian seascape in ecological, cultural and economic contexts.
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Mangroves are part of a mosaic of coastal habitats with coral reefs and seagrasses that sustain a diversity of organisms and a variety of industries (e.g. fisheries and tourism). They also protect the coastline against erosion and storms when adequately inter-connected. Typically, mangroves and saltmarshes are located along the shore or on islands, and tidal estuaries are suitable for mangrove forests, saltmarshes and saltpans to grow, providing important feeding grounds for shorebirds, dugongs, turtles, dolphins, fish, molluscs, crustaceans, sharks and rays.