NESP TWQ Round 3 - Project 3.1.5 - Ecotoxicology of pesticides on the Great Barrier Reef for guideline development and risk assessments

Over 50 land-sourced pesticides have been detected in waters of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) and its catchments. Previous studies on the risks posed by pesticides have focused on five priority PSII herbicides. However, other pesticides are increasingly being used, for which there are few fate, persistence and toxicity data. In order to improve water quality guidelines and assessments of the potential risks posed by these “alternate” pesticides to GBR and its catchments we will quantify their toxicity to freshwater and marine species.



Publication on
24 January 2020
PreviewThis data contains consists of one Excel spreadsheet file containing the thermal stress data used to develop the Species Sensitivity Distribution described in the publication: Negri, A.P., Smith, R.A., King, O., Frangos, J., Warne, M.