NESP TWQ Round 4 - Project 4.2 - Oceanographic drivers of bleaching in the GBR: from observations to prediction

This project seeks to understand how local, regional and global oceanographic and meteorological processes influence the severity and spatial variability of thermally driven coral bleaching for the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) and Torres Strait.

All available relevant environmental observations of the recent bleaching events will be gathered to be more easily discoverable to researchers and managers via a gateway/summary webpage.

The data will be used to assess how well the eReefs models are modelling the recent warming during bleaching events and then analyse the reasons behind the variations of bleaching response. 3D versions of remotely sensed bleaching products by NOAA and BoM will be produced and a seasonal prediction capability for marine heatwaves will be developed.

**Upcoming Workshop**

ACRS 2019 Data Workshop