ACRS 2019 Data Workshop

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How to access and use Coral Reef data for your research - Friday May 10, Moreton Island

Note: This workshop is now finished, however, the training manuals and resources are available for download below.

This workshop aimed to assist the scientific community to discover, access, download, use and understand the potential of the data being collected by a number of agencies on and around Coral Reefs. This includes IMOS and AIMS long term monitoring environmental and ecological data sets.

Since 2007, IMOS has been routinely operating a wide range of observing equipment throughout Australia’s coastal and open oceans, making all of its data accessible to the marine and climate science community, other stakeholders and users, and international collaborators.

Presentations were be made by the key leaders responsible for the collection and dissemination of data with examples of how they have used the data sets to further their research. Hands on guided tutorials were given on how the AODN portal can be used and a summary of tools that are available to visualise the data.

  • AIMS Weather Stations, Reef Temperature Loggers & Long Term Ecological Data
  • NESP curated temperature 2016-17 and climatologies
  • IMOS OceanCurrent, SST, Sensor Networks, Gliders and Moorings
  • eReefs Model access and output
  • Australian Ocean Data Network portal
  • Visualisation tools such as Ocean Data Viewer

When: Friday May 10, 8:00-11:30

What to bring: BYO laptop

Contact: Craig Steinberg if you have workshop related questions or wish to present:

E:        T: 07 4753 4345