Presentation - eAtlas - Technical Overview (April 2014)

2014 04 Do E E Atlas Technical Overview
2014 04 Do E E Atlas Technical Overview

This presentation is deprecated as there is now an updated version of this presentation here.

This presentation provides a technical overview of the eAtlas. It outlines a brief introduction to the eAtlas, a demonstration of the mapping system and an outline of each of the software systems that make up the architecture of the eAtlas. This was presented to the Department of the Environment in April 2014.

The maps in this presentation are hyperlinked to the eAtlas mapping system and so these maps can viewed and interacted with online.

The design philosophy and the architecture of of the software systems are outlined and include the use of the:

  • GeoServer
  • AtlasMapper
  • Metadata system (GeoNetwork and AIMS metadata viewer)
  • Bulk loader tool
  • Image Metadata Editor
  • eAtlas Enduring Repository

This presentation outlines the importance of good data management, what some of the barriers to sharing data are and what lessons we have learnt about managing research data from the MTSRF and NERP programs.