NERP TE Project 13.1 - eAtlas (AIMS)

Project summary

The eAtlas is a website, mapping system and set of data visualisation tools for presenting research data in an accessible form that promotes greater use of this information. The eAtlas will serve as the primary data and knowledge repository for all NERP Tropical Ecosystems Hub projects, which focus on the on the Great Barrier Reef, Wet Tropics rainforest and Torres Strait. The eAtlas will capture and record research outcomes and make them available to research-users in a timely, readily accessible manner. It will host meta-data records and provide an enduring repository for raw data. It will also develop and host web visualisations to view information using a simple and intuitive interface. This will assist scientists with data discovery and allow environmental managers to access and investigate research data.

e-Atlas front page
Example of an e-Atlas mapping

Why this research is needed

Existing research data is often under utilised. Much of it is not readily accessible or else not in a form useful for potential end-users, limiting the ability for science to inform environmental decision making and policy development, or inform the wider community. By providing a data catalogue and repository, the eAtlas will ensure the knowledge gained is safely stored and made accessible, encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing. In addition, by providing a web-accessible mapping system and a set of data visualisation tools, the eAtlas is able to display a wide variety of spatial data ensuring broad discoverability and easy comprehension.

Research user focus

The eAtlas will deliver timely, rich content that will communicate research outcomes from the NERP TE Hub to government, scientists, community groups and the general public.


  • Maintain existing content on the eAtlas website
  • Develop new content from NERP TE Hub projects, to ensure projects are documented and the data safely stored.
  • Provide a catalogue of NERP TE Hub projects to Research Data Australia (meta-data records).
  • Develop a Torres Strait eAtlas for NERP TE Hub research as well as Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) data holdings and priority historical Torres Strait research data.

Resources and tools

Reports, Publications and News


For more information see Project 13.1 'eAtlas for the Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait' on the NERP Tropical Ecosystems Hub site.



Publication on
11 December 2015
PreviewThis dataset describes the areas of research activities for the 38 National Environmental Research Program Tropical Ecosystem (NERP TE) Hub projects.
Publication on
11 December 2015
The eAtlas is a website and mapping system for presenting environmental research data in an accessible form that promotes greater use of this information. It is also a data management system for preserving and encouraging reuse of this data. The eAtlas is the primary data and knowledge repository for 38 NERP Tropical Ecosystems Hub projects, 6 Reef Rescue Marine Monitoring Program projects and historically, the Marine and Tropical Science Research Facility. It is now funded as the data repository for the NESP TWQ hub. Project goals under the NERP TE (2010 - 2014):
Publication on
15 December 2015
PreviewThis dataset is subset and aggregation of the current Queensland land use dataset (1999 - 2012) by Queensland Land Use Mapping Program (QLUMP) produced by the Queensland Government.
Publication on
3 March 2016
PreviewThis dataset shows the ocean side boundary of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, excluding the inner boundary along the Queensland coastline.
Publication on
2 April 2016
PreviewThis dataset is a composite of Landsat 5 satellite imagery to produce a cloud free, clear water seamless image of the Torres Strait region. This image includes some of Cape York and PNG, in particular the Fly river.