Presentation - e-Atlas Overview (AIMS)

2014 04 DoE E-Atlas Overview
2014 04 DoE E-Atlas Overview

This presentation provides a non technical general overview of the e-Atlas, its background, role, what you will find in the e-Atlas and the value of bring spatial data together in one platform. This was presented to the Department of the Environment in April 2014.

This presentation includes a demonstration of e-Atlas mapping system to use data to show:

  • Dugongs do live near seagrass meadows, as expected,
  • Shipping passes through some key dugong habitats
  • These vessels and produce long turbid trails over 100 km long.

This story focuses on the Cape Melville area on Cape York near Lizard Island and draws on data from JCU, GBRMPA, NASA, ASMA and QDPI.

Each of the maps in the power point presentation is hyperlinked and can be viewed online and investigated further.