QLD - Flood Plumes 2011 (ACTFR JCU)

This page shows the extent of the flood plumes of the Fitzroy, Burnett, Mary and Brisbane Rivers caused by the extensive flooding that occurred in Queensland in December 2010 and January 2011. These flood plume maps were produced as part of the Reef Rescue Marine Monitoring Program - Assessment of terrestrial run-off entering the Great Barrier Reef project by James Cook University (contact Michelle Devlin). They were based on visual inspection of NASA MODIS satellite images and were created for days where the cloud cover was low enough to see the boundary of the plumes.

Animation of flood plumes on the Great Barrier Reef due to flooding in Queenland in 2010/2011

Individual Flood Plume Maps

The following maps correspond to each of the frames in the animation above. Click on the enlarge button on the bottom right corner of the preview image to get a high resolution image version of the map and the link to a PDF version.

QLD Flood Plumes 2010-12-31
QLD Flood Plumes 2011-01-03
QLD Flood Plumes 2011-01-04
QLD Flood Plumes 2011-01-07
QLD Flood Plumes 2011-01-11
QLD Flood Plumes 2011-01-13
QLD Flood Plumes 2011-01-18


The following maps from the Bureau of Meteorology of Australia show the monthly rainfall for December 2010 and January 2011 that caused much of the flooding. For current conditions, see Monthly rainfall percentages for Queensland (BOM).

Queensland Rainfall for December 2010


Queensland Rainfall for January 2011