Connectivity of North East Australia's Seascape

The Great Barrier Reef (GBR) was listed as a World Heritage Area because of its Outstanding Universal Values. This website highlights the connectivity of these world heritage values between the Great Barrier Reef with the surrounding regions: the Coral Sea, Torres Strait and Hervey bay. Understanding this connectivity highlights the importance of co-management between these neighbouring regions where connectivity is strong.

The connectivity between these regions was established using expert elicitation (~30 experts) during a 3-day workshop in August 2017. This information was converted to low resolution connectivity maps. The information in these maps should be considered only as a starting point for understanding the often highly complex connected marine seascapes. This work was developed as part of NESP TWQ 3.3.3 project. Maps were developed for 59 values of the GBR. All of these can be viewed in the connectivity map gallery. Short articles were developed for about half the values, highlighting why they are important and key concepts that relate to the connectivity of those values.

Ocean currents

Coral Reefs

Estuaries and tidal habitats

Mainland & Islands

Inter-reefal habitats

Highly mobile adults

Species with mobile larvae