Connectivity of North East Australia's Seascape

The Great Barrier Reef was listed as a World Heritage Area because it is of Outstanding Universal Value. This website highlights the connectivity of these world heritage values between the Great Barrier Reef with the surrounding regions: the Coral Sea, Torres Strait and Hervey bay. Maps showing the connections between these regions were developed as part of NESP TWQ 3.3.3 using expert elicitation. View all the maps in the connectivity map gallery.

Note: This site is still in development. Topics with preview images (no maps) link to articles discussing the connectivity of the value. Those with maps thumbnails correspond to articles still under development.

Ocean currents

Coral Reefs

Estuaries and tidal habitats

Mainland & Islands

Inter-reefal habitats

Highly mobile adults

The following are still in development:
Longfin & Shortfin Eels
Red-spot king prawn
Brown tiger prawn
Eastern king prawns
Great White Shark
Australian blacktip shark (C. tilstoni)
Common black tip shark (C. limbatus)
Coral trout (Plectropomus leopardus)
Red throat emperor

Species with mobile larvae

Mud crab
Saucer scallop (Ylistrum balloti)

Indigenous cultural resources

Location of sea country
Distribution of species of cultural importance

Non-Indigenous cultural resources

Location of place attachment
Location of historic shipwrecks (shipping route, pearl shipping)
Location of places of social significance

Economic resources

Location of commercial fishing activity
Location of recreational use
Location of tourism destinations